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Cenote Diving

Book your 2 tank Cenote dive now! 

This is the best option in case you never dove a Cenote before. 

Includes transportation by car, park entrance fees and lunch.

Equipment not included – 120 MXN per piece or 400 MXN for full set

Diving in the Cenotes is one of the most spectacular experience you can do in your diving career; Incredible light effects, unbelievable visibility, haloclines, stalactites & stalagmites or even trees fallen into the holes. Cenote diving is truly a unique experience!

A Cenote is a natural hole in the surface of the earth which is formed after extensive corrosion of the limestone rock by subterranean water. It is the only source of fresh water in the whole Yucatan Peninsula.

Imagine yourself going through flooded caverns and caves that have served as a special place for an entire civilization for centuries. In certain cenotes you find pottery left by ancient Mayans, a sign of their significance to their civilization.

You can find over 6.000 Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula alone, so there is plenty of places to explore. The name is derived from the Yucatec Maya word “ts’onot” which means a place with underground water.

Cenotes played a significant role to the Mayan people because they were the only source of fresh water in the area, an area which has neither rivers nor streams above ground.

These unique  Mayan cosmology. Mayans believe of the cosmos as having three basic layers: heaven, earth and underworld, and the cenotes are the entrance to the underworld, the Xibalba.

The underworld is very important to the Mayan — it is considered the origin of life, and if the Mayans didn’t keep a good balance between this layer of the universe and their own it could mean drought, famine or sickness.

The Mayan people knew that they had to keep peace with their deities of the underworld and this is why sometimes they made offerings, these offerings you can find inside the Cenotes along with prehistoric animals like giant sloth, sabretooth tiger and even mammoths.

Looking to dive a special Cenote?

Here you find some of the most popular combinations for Cenote dives, and please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us in case you have any questions or special requests.

All dives include everything you will need, except equipment, which we have available for rent in case you need it – 120 MXN per piece or 400 MXN for full set

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