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For Certified Divers


Join us for a beautiful day exploring the reefs of Playa del Carmen. These reefs are teeming with life – schooling snapper, grunts and pork fish, loads of blowfish, parrotfish and barracudas. 

If you’re lucky we might even run into a few turtles, seahorses or a nurse shark.

The reefs of Playa del Carmen range from easy dives with mild to moderate currents and to more advanced and deeper dive sites where we cruise along as drift dives. 

We do two dives either in the morning or in the afternoon.

  • 2 ocean dives either morning or afternoon
  • Water
  • Boat ride
  • Professional dive guide
EQUIPMENT NOT INCLUDED – USD 5 per piece or USD 15 for full set


Cozumel is one of the most important spots of diving in the world due to its incredible reefs, the clear and warm water that allows you close to perfect visibility to admire the marine underwater world. 

Here we can see the big amazing turtles like the hawksbill, green turtle and loggerhead, the elegant spotted eagle ray, octopus, parrot fish,  morays, lionfish, dolphins… you name it!

At the impressive reefs of Cozumel we can visit famous places like Palancar, Santa Rosa, Tikila, Paradise, Punta Tunich, Yucab, Paso de Cedral, Colombia and the thrilling Devil’s throat in Punta Sur.

You can either go for an express, direct trip by speed boat or join us for a ferry ride to Cozumel island and from there we board the dive boat. We always do 2 dives at Cozumel. Only morning trips available, or 2 morning dives plus 1 night dive.

  • 2 ocean dives (or 2 dives + 1 night dive)
  • Water & good lunch + fruits between the dives
  • Boat ride (toilet on board and sun deck on top)
  • Professional dive guide
  • Cozumel Marine Park fee
  • Ferry ticket and/or taxi ride (if applicable)
  • Transport to and from Mayan Dive Center

EQUIPMENT NOT INCLUDED – USD 5 per piece or USD 15 for full set 



Wreck diving is always fun and exciting, and the Riviera Maya has some great wrecks that are easily explored by dive boat. You can visit wrecks from daily dive trips in Cozumel, Playa del Carmen or in Puerto Morelos.


From large mine sweepers measuring more than 180 feet to small fishing boats creating natural refuge for schooling fish and other marine life – this place has some awesome wrecks to check out!

On our wreck diving trips we do two dives per trip, first dive at the wreck and second dive at a shallower nearby reef.

  • 2 ocean dives
  • Water (+ light lunch for Cozumel)
  • Boat ride
  • Professional dive guide
  • Cozumel or Puerto Morelos Marine Park fee

EQUIPMENT NOT INCLUDED – USD 5 per piece or USD 15 for full set


Every year during the winter months (Nov – Feb) when the water temperature drops a little, Bull Sharks can be seen close to the reefs of Playa del Carmen.

We give you the chance to enjoy this thrilled and fantastic experience by taking a closer look at these incredible creatures. We are proud to take part in an educational program to teach about them during this sensational trip but also inform our divers and disperse consciousness.

Diving with the bull sharks must be done in a controlled and safe way. For this reason we do only send Mayan Dive Centers’ most experienced instructors, and require the following from our divers for maximum safety and fun:

  • Advance Open Water Certification

The Bull Shark dive experience is with wild animals that are not in captivity, and we do not feed them.

  • 1, 2 or 3 ocean dives either morning, afternoon or the whole day
  • Water (+ lunch for Cozumel)
  • Boat ride
  • Professional dive guide
  • Saving our Sharks bracelet

EQUIPMENT NOT INCLUDED – USD 5 per piece or USD 15 for full set

NIGHT DIVE (Cozumel)

We invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience, checking out what the reefs of Cozumel shows off during the dark hours.

The animals that normally are swimming around the reefs will be finding shelter and try to sleep, while the nightly hunters like the lion fish and the octopus come out to find food. 

The reefs truly change during these dark hours, and exploring by the light of your flashlight gives you a very different perspective. 

We do one dive during the early evening, right after the darkness has set in.

  • 1 ocean dive in the evening
  • Water
  • Boat ride
  • Professional dive guide
EQUIPMENT NOT INCLUDED – USD 5 per piece or USD 15 for full set


Preferring warm waters, whale sharks populate all tropical seas, and from June to September we are so lucky to have them here, at the northern most tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, right in our backyard.

In between Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy you will encounter a feeding frenzy when these gentle giants eat the tiny plankton from their vast ocean buffet. If we are lucky, we might even encounter oceanic manta rays joining the buffet as well. Look out for sea turtles and dolphins on the boat ride there

Come and join us for a snorkeling trip of a lifetime!

Includes a visit to Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres for a ceviche lunch and a swim in the shallow crystal clear water.

This is a full day trip, including transfer to and from Cancùn.

  • Snorkel equipment
  • Pickup & drop-off 
  • Breakfast in Cancun
  • Marine Park Fee
  • Snorkel guide 
  • Min. two times swimming with the whale sharks
  • Drinks, snacks and ceviche lunch
  • Boat ride
  • Swimming and relaxing at Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres


Want to join in on the dive boat in Cozumel for snorkeling? This is your chance!

Cozumel is great for snorkeling, with the amazingly crystal clear waters you will for sure enjoy this trip where you get to snorkel while others jump in for the diving.

This option is only available for accompanying snorkelers on a dive trip, and only for ferry trips to Cozumel.

  • 2 times jumping into the water
  • Water and light lunch
  • Boat ride
  • Ferry ticket
EQUIPMENT NOT INCLUDED – USD 5 per piece or USD 15 for full set
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